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Furtrans Tanker & Ship Management (FTSM) provides world-wide service for technical management in transportation of oil and chemical in bulk for international Charterers.


The aim of FTSM is to give the utmost attention for the Safety Management of the crew, the ships, the environment in compliance with the ISM and ISO Code requirements. 


FTSM is aware of the importance for safe transportation of oil and chemical products and FTSM is very well aware of the expectations of the Shipowners from their Technical Managers as well as the Charterers' expectations from the Shipowners.


The Company, retaining that the utmost management level is pursued through the total commitment of Company’s personnel, requires all persons in the shore Offices and all ship’s staff to have knowledge and to be familiar with the Safety Management System in force to achieve the expectations of the industry.


The Company focused its activity to satisfy the clients requirements and has given to each employee a proper responsibility in respect to the improvement of the management at every level of responsibility. In order to achieve such object, the Company requires all employees ashore and on board ships to operate in accordance with procedures and work instructions given in the Management Manuals for all operations on board.


The Company, requires all employees to act always in the interest of Client for what concerns management commitment assumed by the Company. 


Decisions taken by each shore  employee should always be taken with respect of Regulations and Procedures regarding Safety and prevent pollution and they should always include all necessary precautions to protect himself, his colleagues, the ship, her cargo and the environment. 


FTSM's aim is to prevent dangerous situations and accidents in this connections. The risks are constantly being identified, analysed and circulated to every ship for the loss prevention.


The Company’s main target is to carry out all operations concerning ship’s management both on board managed ships and within shore’s Offices at the highest possible operational standard. 


Therefore it is Company’s commitment:  


•to reach the highest professionalism level through the competence and the capability of shipboard and shore staff personnel; • to maintain managed ships in the best structural and operational conditions; • to operate managed ships in  safe and efficient manner always keeping into account the safety and the health of the crew, the safety of the ship  and the environment preservation; • to operate managed ships in an efficient and safe manner in compliance with National and International regulations; • to conduct business with the purpose to increase its own and clients reputation.


In doing the above FTSM pledges itself to:


• Manage ships in compliance with National and International regulations and ship’s flag state requirements; • Manage ships in a safely manner respecting costs without creating risks for the  crew, the ships and the environment; • Manage ships in order to make profits as much as possible.


Following are the main services supplied by FTSM, in compliance with Safety Management System regulations:


•Administration and Finance management;

•Crewing and Wages management;

•Commercial and Operation management;

•Security management;

•SMS management;

•Technical and Purchasing management;

•Vetting management.


FTSM provides single or multiple ship’s management services detailed in relations with client needs or in accordance with the agreed management contract . Management Contracts adopted by FTSM are standard management contracts which detail Company’s responsibilities in the quality of manager and responsibilities of the ship’s Owner / Operator in compliance with terms and conditions stated in the management contract. 


Today thanks to management ability, Company Futrans Tanker & Management Srl is operating ten (6) oil chemical tankers


Furtrans Tanker & Ship Management Srl.


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