Our company is established for sea transportation and serving to cover our customers’ needs on this area. Our company’s policy is to provide services that consistently exceed customer needs and requirements.

FTSM  aims to remain a leading ship management company by continuous improvement and innovation. This involves the active participation and endeavor of all shore staff and seagoing personnel.


Our company always has an optimistic point of view for the advices coming from the office personnel and ships’ crewmembers regarding the necessary equipment, applications and policies for the standard development of the company.


This policy will regularly be updated in order to meet international and regional rules and to ensure the system’s excellent and faultless operation.

The Company is totally committed to achieving a flawless operation. Particular emphasis is placed upon marine safety, safe working practices and the protection of the marine environment with the target of zero accidents and incidents. 

To achieve our goal of flawless operations managers will set measurable objectives at relevant functions and levels.

Efficient & effective ship management and cargo care are considered to be our commercial objectives.

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