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Planned Maintenance

FTSM fleet Management system provides maximum efficiency in performance and maintenance of the fleet. Online reporting and managing all aspects of vessel operations. Budgeting and regular reporting of updated status.


Repair and Maintenance

FTSM's in house expert engineering team and technical staff as well as the contacts with selected technical people commits competitive high quality standards on repairs and maintenance..


Dry Dockings and Repair

Our long experience in shipbuilding, conversion and 40 years of ship management experience guarantees best service for Dry Dockings and Repair all around the world. Furtrans’ long existence in sector enables us to reduce costs of major repairs and provides expert supervision of all works.


Compliance Audits

FTSM carries out audit planning, preparation and compliance for ISM / ISO  and ISPS and all other statutory compliance requirements



Large Pool of high quality Officers and Ratings. FTSM aims to produce and give the high quality of skilled seafarers, which the shipping industry requires. FTSM has vast experience and variety of nationalities of crew with a high rate of retention. 


Vetting Management

Management of vetting inspections with all oil majors.

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